Boomer Opinions Blog

Modern Day False Idols

Christian’s reading their bible today can’t really relate to the idea of false idols. What does that look like now?

Will The Antichrist Be An Alien?

What if the antichrist was an alien? It would be very convenient for non-believers to blame aliens for disappearing of the saints, rather than than the actual rapture.

We Are All Israelites At Heart

We Are no better Than the Israelites of the Old Testament. We’re amazed at how little faith they seemed to have, but are we much different?

Six Degrees of Flaming Stupidity

Read any comment section of a blog or video. Often in six degrees (comments) or less, the flame wars start as readers turn on each other.

Electric Cars are Really Here

Electric cars are here. For baby boomers still on the fence about one of these, take one ride in a new Tesla and you’ll be changed forever.

Why Did God Create Man?

If God foreknew in His omniscience that we were going to fail and screw up the world anyway, why did God create Man?

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