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Saying What I Want to Say….Because I Want To.

If you’ve made it to the bottom of this page then by now you have some idea as to the content and nature of this site. I’m a last minute baby boomer, squeaking in at the tailing end of 1964. Nothing here is overtly controversial, at least not on purpose, nor is there any intent to create controversy…these are just simply my opinions.

The beauty of this is, whether you agree or disagree, you can leave a comment, or simply just close your browser. I’m not necessarily looking to open up a broad dialogue or start arguments, it’s basically what the tag line says; Saying What I Want to Say….Because I Want To.

The majority of content will be the blog posts. I talk a lot about faith, as well as other completely random topics. I’m also building up a series of articles titled Boomer Memories, that over time will contain random memories I dredge up. The bulk of the content will be geared towards and relevant to baby boomers.

Although articles on Boomer Opinions will be posted to the Facebook and Instagram accounts, the blog format is better suited for the type of expression I prefer.