Will The Antichrist Be An Alien?

Flying saucers over ancient rocks, possibly containing the antichrist

The Answer Might Surprise You

This is one of those hear me out articles. As a boomer baby, I grew up on Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I truly believed aliens had to exist. When I became an adult believer in Christ, I kind of laid those beliefs aside. Lately, in light of a ton of bible study and a far more acceptable stance on UFO’s by the general public, even our government…I wanted to think about this just a bit more. It begs the question, what if the antichrist turned out to be an alien?

Are There Aliens?

The first question we have to ask is, are there aliens? Right now, no one can positively answer that. From a Christian perspective, the bible doesn’t explicitly tell us that there are, nor are we told that there aren’t. We are told however, there are angels, and there are demons. Their presence and behavior could be interpreted as alien, particularly those behaviors on the demonic side of the scale. Who’s to say Satan won’t present himself as alien, at least in appearance, to deceive man?

The bible also speaks about the Nephilim. The very nature of these creatures is disputed, but most views hold that were not human, or not wholly human, and that they were purposefully eradicated from the planet. What if, the aliens of today are the Nephilim of old, now refined after 6000 years or more?

Putting that aside, however, what if very simply…there are aliens? God created Man, and put in place a cycle of redemption for Man. He also created everything else, and what if one of those things was a non-man or non-human race, perhaps created solely for the day when He will use them to take his retribution on mankind for his rejection of Him, during the end times?

Dictionary page with the word Antichrist highlighted in bold

An Alien Antichrist

Extrapolating from that then, what if the antichrist is fact an alien, or presents as an alien, potentially led or influenced, at least at the end, by Satan himself? Think about it for just a minute. The antichrist is going to be someone the entire world recognizes and obeys. Can you imagine any single country or leader on earth having that kind of sway? A leader that the US, Iran, Russia, China, even North Korea….everyone, agrees to abide by whatever peace process and policies this great leader puts in place? But what if they believed the antichrist was actually an alien?

I know I’m channeling a little “V” here…the popular book and mini-series from the 1980’s, but think about it. The global influence, the likable nature, the instant power, it all fits. Even, at the 3-1/2 year point of the tribulation, to demand worship. It’s tough to imagine non-Christian humans in the 21st or 22nd century worshipping a public, human figure, but an alien being professing to be far superior….plausible. Especially if there are no believers in Christ around to dispute the fact.

Imagine the politicians and world leaders trying get on their good sides, agreeably befriending and acquiescing to their seemingly reasonable and sensible demands. We already have the technology to put the Mark of the Beast on everyone, what if suddenly we needed a way…a mark perhaps, to be able to identify humans vs aliens?

It would be very convenient for non-believers to blame aliens for disappearing of the saints, rather than than the actual rapture.

Boomer Opinions

Don’t Rule Anything Out

I just don’t think you can rule out the idea of the antichrist being alien, or again….Satan presenting himself as an alien and blinding man of the truth. Even if the antichrist were a true alien in the sense of coming from somewhere other than Earth, they would still be thrown into the bottomless it in the end times. The saved saints would still rule over them in the millennium and beyond. While it’s easy to say that mathematically, there has to be aliens, that only holds true in a mathematically controlled universe. While our Creator has put some marvelous, mathematically predictable systems in place, ultimately He controls the universe and is not adverse to breaking those cosmic rules now and again as he sees fit.

Revelation 20:6 states, “Blessed and holy is the one who shares in the first resurrection! Over such the second death has no power, but they will be priests of God and of Christ, and they will reign with him for a thousand years.”

What exactly will we reign over? Each other, those on the earth, the angels, or something else? Could we possibly reign over other non-human entities that exist in the universe? I don’t know.

At this point, I don’t have to decide if the antichrist will be alien. I don’t even have to decide if I believe in aliens or not. I believe in God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the end-times map He has laid out. I’m not advocating we believe in Aliens, I’m simply throwing the thought out there…giving my Boomer Opinion, as it were.

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