Is God Giving America Another Chance?

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Is There Still Hope for America?

Roe vs. Wade continues to be a turning point in American history, this time for the better. Does this and other recent wins for conservative Americans signify a chance at revival and a continuation of a great America, or is it simply a pause in its inevitable decline?

Positive Changes for America

In addition to the overturning of Roe vs Wade, we’ve seen Republicans take control of the House of Representatives again. We also saw a huge 2A victory in June of 2023 when the Supreme Court struck down an unconstitutional law in New York. For those that believe in the Bible, these victories feel like perhaps America has received a stay of execution.

Most biblical scholars will tell you that America doesn’t fit into the end-times picture. It’s not hard to imagine. With weak government leadership in Washington, borders that seem to exist in name only, and an increase in socialist entitlement behavior…it feels like we are down for the count.

These recent victories, however, have many feeling like God has not yet left us to our own designs. But is it too little, too late?

No One But God Truly Knows the Fate of America

Americans that believe in the Rapture of the Church before things get too bad might consider themselves in a win-win situation. If America does recover some of its former glory, we can move forward, enjoying the lifestyle and freedoms we are accustomed to. If America continues to spiral down the toilet however, we have the hope that before it gets too terribly bad, Jesus will return.

That is my very over-simplified boomer opinion, but it is what I believe. I think that if the Democrats win the presidency in 2024 it might very well be the beginning of the end as they continue to push their socialist agenda, send money to foreign countries instead of our own, promote an open border, and allow the LGBTQ++ proponents to have free reign while persecuting constitution abiding Americans.

What Can We Do To Save America?

I don’t know that there is any way to save America anymore. I do know that we can continue to vote, pray, and do our best to influence those around us with the beliefs on which America was founded. I pray every day for God’s will to be done, not knowing what that might entail, but knowing that it’s the best thing.

I will say this…don’t assume we know it all. Just because we can’t see America in biblical prophesy, doesn’t mean we are doomed. Consider the following scenario.

America Is Revived, then Disappears

What if there is a mighty work of God? What if conservative values, conservative politics, and changes for good do occur, even briefly? What if a true christian revival of God breaks out in America, and millions do come to Christ? When the rapture does occur, the heart and soul of America will be removed. Millions of Americans will be suddenly gone from the country, many in prominent positions of leadership. Whoever remains will be left to try and pilot the ship, using the beliefs and values that don’t work.

How long then before the country implodes on itself? Woke policies, open borders, printing money, ridiculous value systems, and a moral compass that always points to zero will abide and reign. America will truly be doomed, either to be completely irrelevant in the end times, or to simply be taken over by a stronger, smarter country.


The truth is, we have no idea where we stand right now. Are already on the slope to ruin, or the cusp of revival? Has God truly given America another chance? I don’t think anyone knows, or can know. Time will tell, and of course God will prevail.

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